Drain Cleaning Ventura

drain cleaning ventura

Miracle Rooter Plumbing in Ventura provides drain cleaning Ventura. We have cleared more than 60000 blocked drains while we have been in business, and we see how stressed people get when they find they have a clogged drain. The first word that comes out of our mouth is “Don’t stress!” The reason not to stress is because we deal with clogged drains and sewers on a daily basis and there is no problem we haven’t dealt with before. The most common causes of those clogs are tree roots, wet wipes or cooking grease.

drain cleaning jetter Most of the time we can clear those blockages by using the cable method, but the best recommendation always has been a hydro jetter ( High pressure water jetter ). Because the hydro jetter is being able to cut and clean all the roots, unless the sewer or the drain line is broken. As that being said, we use specialized nozzles for different jobs. We can unclogg pipes from 1-1/2″ in diameter to 12″ in diameter. We have one of the best trailer high power hydro jetter and can handle any drain cleaning or sewer cleaning project in Ventura County or Santa Barbara County. In worst cases if you have a broken sewer lateral that runs all the way to the city main and it needs to be repaired or replaced, the difference between us and our competitor we are licensed as C-34 classification ( Pipeline Contractor) to work in the street. But most of our competitors don’t hold that classification and they hire us or another subcontractor to do the job.

What is a drain cleaning mechanical method?

drain cleaning machineIn mechanical systems, pipe cleaning is a cleaning member which is moved through the pipe to remove deposits on the pipe wall. In the simplest case, there is a corresponding brush back and forth is moved by means of a flexible rod or spring in the pipe (used tools: pipe cleaner, pipe cleaning equipment, pipe cleaning shaft). The plumber works with pipe cleaning machines, the piping system of incrustations, limestone slabs, hair (bath drain), cooking grease (kitchen drain) and etc.

Prevent damage to the pipe
The water in the shower does not drain? The drain in the shower or bathtub is full of hair? The sink, the water is up to the overflow? Lime and fluff have blocked the outlet of the washing machine? We want to help you to clean your clogged drain. Call us now at 877-885-2657